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Mollie Cosmetics PRO Member discount

Frequently asked questions:

What is a Mollie Cosmetics PRO Member Account?
Mollie Cosmetics offers a free membership programme to anyone working or training within the makeup and beauty industry. As a pro member you receive up to 65% discount off all lashes, this discount is password protected for PRO Members only.


Do I have to buy in bulk to receive a discount?

At Mollie Cosmetics we like to make it easy for customers at all levels in the industry to purchase lashes at an affordable cost. We offer our PRO Member discount with no minimum order.


Are all lashes available with PRO Member discount?


You will receive discount on all styles of lashes. Discount percentage varies between different styles of lash however there is a discount applied on all lashes that we stock.


Do you receive discount off makeup?

We currently don’t offer discount on our makeup products however this may vary in the future depending on products and pricing.


Does Mollie Cosmetics offer MUA Discount?
PRO Member discount is MUA discount. However we have named it PRO discount as we don’t limit our discount just to makeup artist, we offer our discount to different roles and levels within the makeup, hair and beauty industry.


I am a self-taught makeup-artist, can I still apply for a PRO Member account?

We have created the pro membership to suit everyone working or training within the industry whether they are qualified or not.

How long does it take for a PRO Member account to be activated?
Up to two working days.
We aim to approve all accounts as soon as possible, most accounts are activated within an hour of application and proof provided. However please allow two working days for your account to be approved, if you have still not heard off us after this time then please email


Do I have to be experience/working within the industry for a certain amount of time before my account can be activated?

We offer Pro Member discount to customers of all levels within the industry. We created the membership to be accessible to all abilities and budgets making it easy for beginners and affordable for everyone.


How do I purchase lashes with my discount?
Log in to the PRO Member section of our website and all lashes will be listed here with discount already applied.

Please remember that this is a separate section on the website, password protected for PRO Member use only. Therefore the normal shop pages will still show full priced items so you must view the pro pages to access the discounted products.


My PRO Member account hasn’t been activated, why is this?
When you sign up for an account an email is automatically sent to you, sometimes this email can go into junk/spam mail so please check for the email, this is sent to all applicants.
Your account will not be activated until you have replied to this email with one form of proof requested.

If your proof is not accepted you will receive an email explaining this and requesting further information.

Please allow up to two working days for a response to your application, if after two days of replying to our email you still have had no response please email and we will resolve this for you.

How do I log in to my PRO Member account?
Just go to the pro member page on our website, you will then be asked to sign up or log in. Enter your email address and chosen password on this page to log in.
When you have logged in you will then have access to the PRO Member pages where all lashes are listed with discount already applied.


Can I use the 3FOR2 code with my PRO Member discount?
Only one discount can be used at a time. 3FOR2 code is for full priced lashes only, as a pro member you are already receiving up to 65% discount off all lashes therefore no further discounts will be applicable alongside pro discount.


I am interested in retailing Mollie Cosmetics lashes, how do I do this?
As a PRO Member you will receive up to 65% discount on all lashes, if you are interested in retailing these products you can resell the lashes at RRP, making a profit on all lashes.

We also stock Mollie Cosmetics display stands that hold 18 pairs of lashes, perfect for storing and displaying lashes when retailing them to your customers.

If you are interested in stocking a large amount of lashes please contact for stockist information.


Who can apply for a PRO Member accoun