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Pink & Blue

March 1, 2017


























Summer 2017 Colour Trends.


Pink & blue are colours that work well together, although they are not opposite each other on the colour wheel they still create a slight contrast. Within this makeup the contrast is also created through the tones of colour. Using pastel and vibrant colours together makes the tones and colours stand out from one another. Using a pale, pastel blue colour on the eyes, blending out softly contrasts to the harsh blue winged eyeliner with is sharp in contrast to the soft blend and also a lot more vibrant in colour. Using pink creates a range of colour and again there is contrast between tones, the bright pink lips brings a lot more attention than the pale pink hair. The use of colours within this makeup demonstrate the use of contrasting colours and techniques as well as how one colour can be so different just by changing the tone and hues. Model is wearing MCM9 mink lashes.