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When it comes to makeup we all lust for a flawless finish as though our skin has been airbrushed. Social media feeds have become overwhelmingly full of both males and females creating the perfect complexion with their makeup, therefore clients are now expecting this standard of finish. There are products to mask imperfections, enhance natural beauty and colour correct our skin, but caking on extra products is only a short term fix. A true flawless complexion can only be achieved through the correct skincare. 


Working within this industry it is important that you understand all skin types. When you take time on preparing the skin you are creating a better base to work on, this helps the makeup to sit better as well as lasting longer. An understanding about skin types will also enable you to talk to your clients about their skin regime and advise them on how to improve their skin.






An interview with Esmae, a Liverpool based beautician. Here Esmae explains her skin regime and why it works well for her, reiterating the importance of how clean, healthy skin can benefit your makeup application.




1. What type of skin do you consider yourself to have? (dry, oily, combination etc)

Combination (oily but dry in some areas)

2. What skin products do you use? (Cleanse, tone, moisturise, masks, etc)

Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, masks, scrubs and gel washes

3. Why? What effects do you feel these products have?      

I feel like these make my skin feel fresh after wearing makeup all day in different environments. I can never go to sleep without taking my products off effectively                   

4. How often do you use them?

Cleanser, toner and 

moisturiser everyday,  morning and evening. Scrubs twice a week.

5. If you could only recommend one product that you use to someone with similar skin what product would it be and why?

Benefit porefessional primer. It’s ideal for oily skin

6. Do you think skincare is important for creating a flawless makeup look?

Yes, without the right skin prep skin can tend to lack in smoothness and nice texture. Skincare is essential to maintaining that flawless, perfect look and I feel you get the most out of foundation when the skin has been moisturised and primed.