Mollie Cosmetics LTD.
Liverpool, UK

About Us

Mollie Cosmetics LTD.

Mollie Cosmetics is an independent cosmetic brand based in Liverpool, UK, founded in 2016. The business was created by Kate, a makeup artist who has been in the makeup industry for six years building up experience in all aspects of makeup including fashion, catwalk and editorial makeup as well as bridal and special occasion makeup.

With the makeup industry continuously expanding, Kate spotted a gap in the market for a brand that is more accessible for up and coming makeup artists. With many brands requesting a great deal of proof of qualifications and work experience when it comes to applying for makeup artist discount, this can make it harder for new makeup artists to obtain discount and build up their kit. Therefore, Kate decided to create a brand that is affordable and welcomes customers from every level of the makeup and beauty industry, offering PRO Member discount to:

  • Makeup artists.

  • Self-taught makeup artists.

  • Beauticians.

  • Students studying makeup/beauty related courses.

  • Lash technicians.

  • Salon owners.

  • Store owners.

  • Bloggers – Fashion, makeup and beauty related blogs.

  • YouTubers – Fashion, makeup and beauty related videos.

  • Influencers - Fashion, makeup and beauty related influencers.


Mollie Cosmetics started with a range of false eyelashes, Kate decided to start with this product as at the time there were not many eyelash brands that offered makeup artist discount and those that did offer the discount would require you to buy in bulk to receive a good discount. As a makeup artist, Kate understood the overwhelming costs of building and maintaining a makeup kit and sometimes buying a bulk load of eyelashes just wasn’t affordable, to make it easier for makeup artists and those working in the makeup and beauty industry it was decided that Mollie Cosmetics would offer PRO Member discount with no minimum order, allowing customers to receive the same great deals on all lashes no matter how many they wish to order.


Since Mollie Cosmetics was launched in 2016 the brand has continued to grow, now offering a wide range of cosmetic products as well as false eyelashes. All products are researched, tested and trialled to ensure good quality products at a reasonable price. The Mollie Cosmetics range now includes the following products:

  • Mink eyelashes.

  • 3D Silk eyelashes.

  • Synthetic eyelashes.

  • Eyeshadow palettes.

  • Brow pomades.

  • Glitter eyeliners.

  • Gel eyeliners.

  • Lip glosses

  • Matte liquid lipsticks.

  • Highlighters.

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